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2. Find the variance of the probability distribution for the histogram shown. (Round answer to two decimal places.) 3. The following table gives the math SAT scores for males and females in the past five years. Find the mean, standard deviation, and variance for each group. (Round answers to two decimal places.) Males 504 505 503 496 500 mean gas mileage of this model of car is less than the published value. c. Explain why the answers to part a and part b are different. 18. It has been determined that the amount of time that videotapes are returned late to a certain rental store is modeled by a uniform distribution from 0 to 4 days. Answer each question showing a figure and ...

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So this, what we've just done here is constructed a discrete probability distribution. Let me write that down. So this is a discrete, it only, the random variable only takes on discrete values. It can't take on any values in between these things. So discrete probability. Probability distribution. Distribution for our random variable X.
f) What tires would you want on your car and explain your reasoning Here is a portion of the answer we've come up with: 68.3(10,000)=6,830 tires will last between 35,000 and 45,000 miles KEY CONCEPTS: Probability Distribution, Graphical and Tabular representation of Probability Distributions, Probabilities from Probability Distributions. In the examples done earlier, the table and the histogram are two ways of representing the probability mass function, also called the...

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Create a probability model to show how likely you are to select each type of Earth creature. Input your answers as fractions or as decimals rounded to the nearest hundredth. So in the last example, we wanted to see whether the probability model was valid, was legitimate. Here, we wanna construct a legitimate probability model.
Does the given information describe a probability distribution? Assuming that a probability Is it unusual for a car to have more than one bumper sticker? Explain. a. Yes. In the accompanying table, the random variable x represents the number of televisions in a household in a certain country.Var(X) = 1.4 Let X be the Random Variable that represents a possible outcome: First we quickly check that sumP(x) = 1 which is indeed the case. The, we calculate x^2, xP(x), and x^2P(x): So then the Expectation is calculated using: E(X) = sum xP(x) " " = 25+10.2+5.2+10.6 " " = 51 Next prior to...

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This section covers Discrete Random Variables, probability distribution, Cumulative Distribution Function and Probability Density Function. A probability distribution is a table of values showing the probabilities of various outcomes of an experiment. For example, if a coin is tossed three times, the number of heads obtained can be 0, 1, 2 or 3.
Learn more. R obtaining a probability distribution. Ask Question. I have the average and standard deviation of a, b and c and I would like to obtain the probability distribution of y from this by Monte Carlo simulation. Is there a function or package or easy way that I can use to do this? Your Answer.It’s important to realize that a Standard Normal Table has two parts: (1) the top and side margins, which form the tenths and hundredths of a z-score, and (2) the body of the table, which are all the area (probability) values. Also, remember that the Standard Normal Table only provides us information on the area (probability) to the left of a ...

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the probability under a Normal distribution for getting in the range from to . For example can be approximated as ∫ where is the Normal distribution: Example: I toss a coin 1000 times, what is the probability that I get more than 550 heads? Answer: The number of heads has a binomial distribution with mean np=500 and
represents selecting a man; rolling a 5 or 6 represents selecting a woman. After 1,000 trials, the number of times the dice indicate selecting 3 women is recorded. Does the proposed process correctly simulate the random selection of 3 women from a group of 9 people consisting of 6 men and 3 women? Explain why or why not. The normal distribution calculator works just like the TI 83/TI 84 calculator normalCDF function. It takes 4 inputs: lower bound, upper bound, mean, and standard deviation. You can use the normal distribution calculator to find area under the normal curve. Then, use that area to answer probability questions.

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As illustrated at the top of this page, the standard normal probability function has a mean of zero and a standard deviation of one. Often times the x values of the standard normal distribution are called z-scores. We can calculate probabilities using a normal distribution table (z-table). Here is a link to a normal probability table. It is ...
Start studying Probability Distributions. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. Which statements explain that the table does not represent a probability distribution? Select each correct answer. The sum of the probabilities is 23 .Nov 07, 2014 · Enter your values for your choice of 'Between': 0 and 2.16 Below this, in the slot: Area (probability) your answer will appear ---> 0.4846 If this isn't what you want, please re-post.

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Jul 10, 2003 · Using the cdf, we can find that probability of having to wait less than that time is: 1 - exp(-4.5/3) = 0.776 Therefore, the probability of having to wait MORE than 4.5 minutes is simply 1 - 0.776 = 0.224 H - Again we're facing an exponential distribution, this time with mean equal to 4 minutes.
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